Dear visitor

A very warm welcome to Sensigns, my personal arena for art and photography. Let’s chase together after the eternal mystery of beauty and dive into other worlds. I wish you lots of enjoyment in these creative spaces.


Peter Wallimann



Sensigns pursues the vision of uniting art with personal development and spiritual consciousness.

The name Sensigns – comprising the words sense and signs – stands for sensual art with deeper meaning. The works of art and photographs presented are intended to inspire, to touch and to energize the observer.

Sensigns artworks are the products of a quest after the mystery of beauty by means of timeless, positive, often rhythmic or geometric imagery. When Nature, the senses, and meaning unite, new realms of experience open up, as is described in the manifesto A VISION OF ART and int the article PURE ART.

Digital Sensigns images and hand-drawn ink graphics by Peter Wallimann have been exhibited in the Galerie Rigassi (Berne) in 2006 and in the Kronen Galerie (Zurich) and the WBB GALLERY (Zurich) in 2011 and 2015, respectively.